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Do we need to buy a piano?

I recommend my students/ students’ parents to start with purchasing a used piano or a keyboard with weighted keys. It is really important to own one since students need to spend time practicing the piano during the week. Keyboards are less expensive, portable and offer more sound types than original piano sound. But nothing can replace the experience of learning and playing on an acoustic piano.

Do you use computers to help with teaching?

I believe in our modern age children are already extremely involved with computers and technology.  Classical music brings a different form of involvement and interaction that modern technology cannot replace. Physical touch, aural skills, and creativity are all aspects of making music and something I believe we do not get enough of them in our modern society.  However, I do encourage learning music through games, and computers can facilitate basic music skills that are fun for kids.

My child is also involved with other activities. How much time is he going to need to spend with piano?

For a beginner piano player, the most important thing is consistency rather than the amount of time to practice in one sitting. As long as your child can play the piano everyday for at least 15 min. to an hour, that would make a tremendous difference in their improvement.

How long is it going to take for my child to be able to play at a recital?

Every student has different abilities and different learning speeds. As long as the students do their part and practice, it is a matter of weeks to start playing songs and preparing for a recital.

My child is having problems with socializing.  Would it help to take piano lessons?

I am currently studying music therapy and psychology, and I believe these disciplines have an enormous effect on my teaching ability.  Studies have shown that children who have social issues such as communicating with others, attention disorders, and learning disabilities, etc. benefit from musical instrument lessons.  I always have a special session with the caregiver to personalize the needs for the student.

What can I as a parent do while waiting during my child’s lesson?

Mostly lessons are 30 minutes and for some students it is really important to have their parent/parents listening to them.  By staying during the lesson, you as the parents would be able to listen and understand where your child might need practice guidance during the week.

On the other hand for some students it is really hard to concentrate while their parents are present. In that case they can always wait in another room or visit the restaurants around the area, visit Publix, CVS, Whole Foods etc. or simply take a walk around the area or at a close park.  However, it is important to return in a timely manner so other students’ time is not taken.

Are there going to be holidays or a summer break?

I follow the Fulton County public school calendar for teaching days.  As a pianist and teacher I don’t recommend long breaks such as the typical summer school break. In my experience it is difficult to return to the piano after a long break and remember what they learned.  It can be discouraging.

What if we arrive late?

I will be teaching in strict time blocks so it is imperative that you show up on time for each lesson.  There will not be any make-up lessons for late arrivals.

My child wants to play the guitar but he is too young for it.  Would it help to start with piano first?

Most definitely! Piano is the instrument to learn all the basics in music.  Almost all professional musicians play or have played piano at some point in their lives. And who knows, maybe your child will love to play the piano and stick with it.

What happens if we have to cancel?

If the lesson is cancelled within 24 hours notice, the lesson may be rescheduled on the designated make-up day. Another option is to contact one of the other students to swap times. This is allowed only 2 times a semester and without a 24 hour notice, rescheduling would not be possible.

What is the difference between a grand piano and an upright piano?

Unlike a grand piano, where the sound is produced from the top, an upright piano’s sound comes from the back of the piano. Completely opposite from the grand piano, an upright piano’s frame and strings sit vertically. For people with limited space available, an upright piano might be the better choice as it takes up a lot less room than a grand piano and the cost is also significantly different.

Are my children going to meet or play with other students?

Every recital there will be opportunities to play with other students of similar levels. In that case they are going to need to meet for rehearsals and interact with one other while preparing for the concert.

What is important while choosing a piano teacher?

Their teaching experience, professional background, the way she/he connects with your child and most importantly if your child connects with the teacher. In my opinion, a parent should not focus on price alone, but quality of teaching.  Learning to play the piano is more than just a fun activity.  It is also a deeply learning experience that effects many aspects in your child’s life.

What classical music or art related activities would you recommend to a family?

It mostly depends on your child’s age, but there are a lot of events in Georgia all times of the year. You can always check out the links on my website on the ‘Links’ page.  I also provide a monthly newsletter that highlights musical events in the Atlanta area.

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