Language is the is the fundamental form of communication in our society and the study of foreign languages is crucial in this globalized world.

There are important advantages to taking language lessons in your own home or office.  When you have the teacher all to yourself, you don’t need to adjust your learning speed to the class. This way, the student has a consistent learning experience without interruptions or pauses. I provide a cozy, fun and organized teaching environment where students feel comfortable to learn without judgement or distractions.

Aside from utilizing a personalized Spanish teaching or tutoring method, I also tailor my teaching to the strengths, weaknesses and interests of the individual student by understanding their personalities and combining or inventing materials for their program. Students learn conversation skills, how to work with the grammar, common phrases, how to read and write, and extensive listening skills. In order to show them ways of discovering their own creativity, I encourage students to truly engage in the language and culture by interacting with native speakers and different technologies. This way, I am able to show the endless possibilities that one has when choosing materials to help them learn a second language. Another emphasis of my teaching is the worldwide knowledge of different Spanish-speaking cultures, music, art, history and current events. I teach with fun games, total physical response, films, music and real-world events (field trips).

Every aspect of learning language has a place in the student’s life and provides a personal improvement, both mentally and emotionally.

  • Concentration – Reading, writing, listening or speaking a foreign language requires total concentration. While receiving information in Spanish, the student must concentrate on reading text or listening to speech, interpret the grammatical cues and translate that information into the native language. When delivering information in Spanish, the student must focus on producing text or speech that incorporates grammatical rules, new vocabulary and proper pronunciation. Learning Spanish allows children and adults to exercise all these skills in a constructive manner.
  • Discipline – Through weekly Spanish lessons, consistent practice and performance, students graduate to a higher level of self-discipline.
  • Creativity – Speaking a foreign languages require you to change the way you think. This new perspective inspires creative thinking and encourages children to explore their imagination.
  • Memory Development – Memorizing new vocabulary involves visual, aural, analytical, and kinesthetic (muscle) memory.
  • Self-Confidence – Speaking a second language in front of a teacher, a family member, other students, or an audience instills confidence and helps a child to overcome shyness.
  • Self Esteem – Completing a difficult task, such as learning a new grammar skill or set of vocabulary, can be very rewarding. This allows a language student to feel good about what they have achieved. Knowing they are becoming skilled Spanish-speaker, while experiencing each accomplishment of being able to communicate with native Spanish-speakers gives a child pride in themselves.
  • Sociability – Spanish lessons encourage a child to reach out toward new friendships. Spanish lessons help children to gain the confidence needed to grasp opportunities for social interactions.
  • Satisfaction – The knowledge that their latest lesson has been mastered, or their hardest verbal tense has been conquered, teaches satisfaction in their achievements.
  • Improves Study Habits – Learning Spanish is a step by step process which teaches a child to set goals and how to accomplish them.
  • Gaining a Lifelong Skill – Once a student learns to speak or read language, they may carry this skill with them for life and derive great enjoyment from it.
  • Future Career Aspirations – There is a huge market for Spanish speakers and teachers in today’s global market. Being able to speak it fluently will certainly increase your child’s career and scholastic opportunities.
  • And it makes you happy!

On top of all the good aspects of learning, having the love of language brings cultural tolerance, awareness and happiness to our lives. The different languages and cultures all around us make the world a better place!



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